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If anyone is old or cool enough to be familiar with the recurring skit, “Pumping Up with Hans and Franz” from Saturday Night Live, they made a term very popular that applies to this page.

“Hear me now, believe me later”

The following services will be extremely useful at some point. They can be used for creating sources of income, extra perks or for safely conducting business or accepting payments from anyone while you are on the road. Slowly but surely, I will grow this list.

If you have an online money making company that you would like me to test, please feel free to sponsor it here and I will gladly get to work. If you have found any of this information useful and want to contribute towards my cause, feel free to donate for my counsel.


Hey Friend, You should join Zipcar, too! Why? It’s easy—you just reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive. It’s convenient—there are thousands of Zipcars across the globe. It’s fun—Zipcars come in every color, size and shape from hybrid to pick up. It’s a sweet deal—low hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance.
See you on the road,
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If you intend to build a website, 1&1 is a great company to purchase domains.                                                         Domains from 1&1

  1. Open a Account An Easy FREE $20.00 or even hundreds.

This is another easy $20 just for requesting a prepaid, reloadable card from Netspend. I’ve tested this one and cashed in, so it’s a good one.

In order for you each to get the bonus:

  1. You need to order a card. Click here or type into your Web browser. If you are asked to enter a referral code, use 7858071225.
  2. Activate the NetSpend Visa Card card you ordered once you receive it in the mail.
  3. Add at least $40.00 to your new NetSpend Visa Card account. You can add money by Direct Deposit, transfer it from an existing bank account, or deposit cash at any of over 90,000 load locations. I billed myself on Paypal and took the money back less a small fee.

Once you've completed these steps, you and I each get a referral bonus of $20.00!


  1. You will receive your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card within 10 business days.
  2. Once you receive the card, simply log into NetSpend and activate it.
  3. In order to get the FREE $20, you’ll need to load the card with a minimum of $40.00 using PayPal, a bank account or one of the other many options.
  4. Load the $40.00 and NetSpend will add $20.00 to your available balance.
  5. Go to the ATM and withdraw the $60.00 total from your card or spend the funds at your local store, online, or wherever you can use a credit card. Yes, if you withdraw the money via ATM or cash back, you’ll be hit with the $2.00 fee for a PIN transaction or a $2.50 ATM Fee (would only be $17.50 – $18.00 bonus in this case). But, you can avoid the fee by ACH transferring it for free back to your bank. You can also bill yourself from a Paypal Account.

Repeat this by spreading it, blogging about it, go to town with it!