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The Service Industry

Working in the Service Industry

It is my experience that being flexible is one of the only ways to succeed in life. You must be willing to expand your horizons, change the way you think and be open to different things. No work is beneath anyone so long as it is honest. Everywhere you travel there will be a few certainties in the form of bars and restaurants. Luckily for me, I have worked in the service industry and am comfortable in that environment. Let’s say that I arrive in a new place with my girlfriend, my plan is to immediately go and see if I can pick up a couple of shifts at the local watering holes.

Anyone that tells you that in order to bar-tend you need to take a course, doesn’t know what they are talking about. The truth of the matter is that experience is the best teacher. You will not get anything from a bartending certificate, that you won’t get from reading a good book on bartending or working first hand as a bartender.

Start now. Many places will allow guest bartenders if you can get a certain amount of friends through the door. Try more than one place. Ask bartenders that you know if they would be willing to train you. Try to get a shift as a server, learn the business and work your way into bartending. Apply to catering jobs that normally have limited bars solely serving wine, beer and maybe a few signature drinks. Practice at home.You really do not need any experience for that than having hosted a party at one time or another.

Useful Guides

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