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Seriously Easy Money as Well as Banking Options

Easy Money From Anywhere!
I took this down a couple of weeks ago and added it to a drop down list link with the title, “Useful Links” because I thought it cheapened my blog.

Then I began receiving thank you texts and emails from my first tests subjects.. friends and family. I don’t mind testing things on my loved ones so long as it does not cost them any money and the time investment is minimal or reasonable. I have learned my lesson in the past with multi-level marketing losses. I also realized that there is nothing wrong with easy money from anywhere or loop-holes that you can legally exploit. After all, the money that you are getting is allocated by a company for that reason, to get members.

If you are not a fan of trying new companies then here is a notable mobile bank to use:

CapitalOne 360

If not keep reading because this one has great perks.

A family of three used the link below to do the following: Turn $40.00 to $140.00 Ordered a Netspend Card, used $42.50 to load it at a cash checking store. They could have done it for free. Anyhow the $40.00 load gave them a $20.00 bonus. They now had $60.00. Card holder 1 referred the next two people in his home, his wife, and 18-year-old daughter. When the cards arrived they used money from the first $60.00 and loaded $40.00 on the second card, this time avoiding a fee. At that point, card holder 1 received a $20.00 bonus and so did card holder 2 for their first $40.00 load. They now had $100.00. The original $40.00 and $60.00 in bonuses. They used the original $40.00 and did the same thing for card holder 3. They made another $40.00. Less a few fees, they made approximately $100.00 and still had their original investment. Not bad at all!

It took them about 20 minutes of actual “work”. Now I hear they will be posting it in town and on social media forums using their referral codes. Note, I made $20.00 for referring the first person. Here is a step by step way of getting the card and your first $20.00 bonus. Read it carefully, it is easy and can possibly make you hundreds if not thousands depending on how clever you get at signing people up.

  1. Open a Netspend.com Account An Easy FREE $20.00 or even hundreds.

This is another easy $20 just for requesting a prepaid, reloadable card from Netspend. I’ve tested this one and cashed in, so it’s a good one.

In order for you each to get the bonus:

  1. You need to order a card. Click here or type www.mynetspendcard.com?uref=7858071225 onto your Web browser. If you are asked to enter a referral code, use 7858071225
  2. Activate the NetSpend Visa Card card you ordered once you receive it in the mail.
  3. Add at least $40.00 to your new NetSpend Visa Card account. You can add money by Direct Deposit, transfer it from an existing bank account, or deposit cash at any of over 90,000 load locations. I billed myself on Paypal and took the money back less a small fee.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you and I each get a referral bonus of $20.00!


  1. You will receive your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card within 10 business days.
  2. Once you receive the card, simply log into NetSpend and activate it.
  3. In order to get the FREE $20, you’ll need to load the card with a minimum of $40.00 using PayPal, a bank account or one of the other many options.
  4. Load the $40.00 and NetSpend will add $20.00 to your available balance.
  5. Go to the ATM and withdraw the $60.00 total from your card or spend the funds at your local store, online, or wherever you can use a credit card. Yes, if you withdraw the money via ATM or cash back, you’ll be hit with the $2.00 fee for a PIN transaction or a $2.50 ATM Fee (would only be $17.50 – $18.00 bonus in this case). But, you can avoid the fee by ACH transferring it for free back to your bank. You can also bill yourself from a Paypal Account.

Repeat this by spreading it, blogging about it, go to town with it!


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