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Get to work

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Recently my girlfriend professed the following: “Oh my..Ray, I can’t leave without you! I love you.You are big strong chulo!”. (I’m Latino so chulo is a compliment) Would you like to come with me for a year long trip as I travel nurse?

Leave it to her and she will tell you the conversation went something like, “Hey, you say that you love me and want all these is cheap! However, if you’d like to come with me as I travel nurse and see where our relationship goes, then come along. You will have to find a way to support yourself while traveling because I will not be your meal ticket”!

Either way it gets rendered, the end result was that upon my answering yes, I needed to find a way to make money while being mobile. Moving to different parts of the country for a minimum of 3 to 6 months at a time while finding a way to make money became a challenge that I needed to tackle.

This website is my experience in not just creating income but also finding employment so that I could join my traveling nurse significant other..aka girlfriend, on a year-long journey around the United States. I hope to grow this site into the“travel nurse significant other’s go-to manual”. Feel free to let me know how I’m doing.

Take note, today is February 14, 2016. Yes! It’s Valentine’s Day. What better way to say I love you than to begin her journey of..”Put up or shut up”. Besides, I already gave her flowers and candy..albeit they were dark chocolate covered edamame morsels which still fall short of her standards in healthy eating but hey, she still appreciated the gesture.

It has now been one year and I still use some of the income opportunities within the posts and archives. You have to be consistent, keep yourself busy, follow up, make updates, know your market and you will make some money. Though I recently created a job and am in the process of launching a company, I will continue to find ways to help people make money as they travel.