Premeditated Income

premeditated income

Premeditated Income

This is where you really need to get organized.

If you have a laptop, create a separate user account altogether. This is going to be right up there with doing the work for a semester or year-long research paper or thesis. If you prefer to write, then dedicate a notebook just for the cause. This may seem like a lot to read but trust me, there is a point and by the end of this page your wheels will be spinning.

Everyone is good at something. We all tend to lean toward certain careers or hobbies for whatever reason. Maybe you work in a field that you don’t care for or you may be entirely passionate about what you do. Either way, the time that you have invested makes you a bit of an expert in the field.

Where do you live? Where have you worked? For example, I am a Native New Yorker. I once dabbled in real estate while I found more gainful employment. I learned the ins and outs of apartment rentals, particularly in Manhattan.

I frequently witnessed apartment seekers get lousy deals and lose money on high broker fees that would not have been necessary had they known where to find these vacant apartments.

Among my friends, I became the go-to guy for apartment hunting. Eventually, friends of friends sought my help. Why not help a few souls find their humble abode while avoiding broker fees. While I was at it, I taught them some tricks of the trade. How to get rent reductions, protect themselves, prepare documents and other useful information. It was overwhelming at times because I wanted to help but it consumed a lot of my time.

Then one day my cousin, who owned a website design business, gave me the idea to place all of my apartment hunting and New York City rental information online and charge a nominal fee. Like what most people do when facing the daunting task of researching and creating a website from scratch, I procrastinated and went to the bar.

Guess what? One of my bartenders at the time was looking for an apartment. It was confirmation for me to make a website. I spent a couple of months focusing about half that time and eventually gave birth to my very first website:

To date, it is a subscription based website and a New Yorker’s guide to finding no fee apartments in Manhattan.

I made it so that everything was automated. All I had to do then was continue to grow the site and sit back and collect the earnings.

There will be more on this later but hopefully, this has your wheels spinning right now. Ask yourself..what would I be able to talk about at length? What am I knowledgeable in? What am I good or even great at? What am I interested in? It might take a few days but eventually, something will strike you with an “AHA!” moment.


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