About Me


Ray Caban

Hi, I’m just a regular guy facing the dilemma of :

“Making money while you travel with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/companion”

In my case, when I met my girlfriend, one of the first things that I learned about her was that she intended to be a travel nurse within less than a year. Who knew that six months later we would still be together and I’d be lucky enough to be invited along on this amazing journey!

The first thing I knew was that I loved her and absolutely thought it would be a great idea. We traveled before and always had a great time as well as when we are at home. If you can’t travel with someone, not even a week long vacation will work. However, since our biggest issues are healthy, normal and silly things couples face when they embark on a new relationship, I have no doubt that we will be fine.

The second thought then became the most important. How will I finance my travels and lifestyle? How will I contribute to this journey other than being an awesome boyfriend and perfect traveling companion? How will I pay my way through one year of six to twenty-four weeks at a time travel that would range from places like Alaska, Hawaii and throughout the Continental United States? Unless you already have a way to make money from home or a geographically transferable skill such as in the medical profession or mobile IT, programming, code writing type of work, then you too will face this challenge.

Like most people do when they are briefly perplexed and faced with monumental life issues…I googled it. If you choose to join your mate, you won’t know where you will be living next until a few weeks prior, the demographics, the culture of a town or city, the climate, the location of your housing, or what the local economy thrives on. All of these details are crucial to finding employment.

This website and blog will be about my experience as a person finding a way to finance their decision to go with their traveling nurse significant other on a year-long trip around the United States. After all..did Julius Caesar tell Cleopatra that he would take a rain-check when she invited him to Egypt..Absolutely not!

Not only is this site going to be one of my sources of income, it will also be an honest to goodness current documentation of my experience that will serve as a valuable resource for anyone attempting to embark on a journey like mine. I am open to all forms of constructive criticism. If you know of a way to build a better mousetrap, please share your experience with me. If you have a successful online business and need resourceful, hard working and intelligent people, please contact me as well. I will update the blog as I progress, hit road blocks or succeed. I will do my best to communicate with followers on a timely basis and I will share as much as I can so that you too may succeed in your endeavors. Good luck to us all! Don’t lose heart, focus or allow naysayers to thwart your goals. Carry on!