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A Website Idea

It just occurred to me to show you a simple website that has the potential to create a good passive income. If you can make a site like mine using something you are knowledgeable in, you may be able to monetize it. I wrote about this in my about me and home pages. It’s a simple service that allows users to get a list of Manhattan no broker fee apartments. I have it all automated so that when the management companies update their lists, mine update as well. It is literally as simple as sending my users to their page. Users can then call and go see the apartments without a broker and many times pick up the keys themselves. It’s convenient, you can search from the comfort of your home and you avoid a broker fee. I just happened to know where to find these apartments from working in real estate some time back. I also made it donation based because I can’t spend time and money right now on advertising and I am in Hawaii so posting flyers all over the city on my own is going to be difficult. On the upside, it runs itself.

Find No Fee Apartments – FREE


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