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Substitute Teaching

Do you have an Associate Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree? If you have an interest in education, consider substitute teaching. In Hawaii, you will need an invitation to a 30 -hour substitute teaching course by a school administrator. In order to do that, you have to go and introduce yourself and if they like you enough, someone will give you the letter. Once you have the letter, you can sign up for the course. I was in New York when I needed the letter so I had to put together a really strong package. I called every school in my desired region, followed up with phone calls, emails, and documentation. Luckily I received a letter and I was good to go. If you have the luxury of going in person, I am sure it would be much easier. The more education you have, the higher the pay rate but hey..it’s a great job where you can make a difference. Here is the link below.

Look at the area that your traveling nurse wants to go to and do your research. Many of them offer the course online if you sign up early enough. Be vigilant. Hawaii very much runs like an island and on its own agenda. I signed up for the online course before the deadline and was rejected because the class was full. I then signed up for a class at the Mckinley Campus in Maui and the day that I flew there, the class was canceled because the instructor was sick. You’d think they had a backup plan but they did not. It was simply cancelled and pushed forward another week. I had to fly back to Molokai feeling defeated. I was then signed up for a class in Molokai that was originally canceled due to lack of interest. If not I would have had to fly back to Maui. The point is…be vigilant! Stay on top of the Department of Education Websites and learn to navigate the system. Have a plan B,C, and D.

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