Trusted Mechanics=Bank

Cars come to Hawaii to die! With the salty moisture in the air that cause rust, the pot holes on many roads and the abuse you may put your car through to be off the beaten path for a beach or a hike, cars suffer and owners suffer. If you are a good mechanic, not only will you save money on doing your own work but you can make a lot of money fixing cars. Working under mechanics as a tech does not pay well but yo can easily find work. However the going rate for what mechanics charge is anywhere from $80.00 to $120.00 per hour. If you have your own tools or have a friend that you can borrow from, you can lower that rate and make plenty of money. Feel free to get a General Excise Tax License for as little as $20.00 and become a contractor. If you have a niche in what you like to fix then stick to that and post your services on craigslist. Be honest, be informative and be consistent. Tell people where to get the right parts at a good price even if it means they order them online. Parts in Hawaii are expensive as a result of the shipping costs. By ordering on amazon, eBay or trusted auto part websites from the mainland, you can cut costs dramatically.