Turo the AirB&B for cars

Update, as a result of the pandemic, it will be more difficult to get customers to rent cars as many would be tourist. This is as easy as it gets. Put your extra car to work for you. For the State of Hawaii, the car has to be no older than a 2007. List it on the Turo site and rent it out for an average of $600.00 per month. That’s it! Take a look at what other car owners have on their profiles for ideas on how you prefer for your rentals to be handled. If you don’t want to place your car on the site, consider buying a vehicle solely for the purpose of renting it out. If you can find a good deal, there is a chance that you can pull your initial investment out within 6 months. Be smart and keep some of those earnings for a rainy day car fund for maintenance.

As per Turo.

In the US, vehicles must:

  • Be registered in any state except New York
  • Be no more than 12 years old (see below for exceptions for “specialty” vehicles)
  • Meet our insurance requirements
  • Have a fair market value of up to $150,000*
  • Have fewer than 130,000 miles**
  • Have a clean (e.g. not a “branded” or “salvage”) title***
  • Have never been declared a total loss
  • Meet Turo safety and maintenance requirements
  • Abide by Turo’s Exclusivity policy

“Specialty” or “classic” cars must:

  • Be model year 1990 or older (special considerations for 1991-2006)
  • Have a fair market value of up to $85,000
  • Be in excellent mechanical and physical condition. They must have all seat belts in safe, working condition
  • Be subject to additional review

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