This past week I found a company online named Virtual Vocations. I spoke with a representative today and I plan on trying their service beginning tomorrow... Read more
Virtual Vocations
It is my experience that being flexible is one of the only ways to succeed in life. You must be willing to expand your horizons, change the way you think and be open to different things... Read more
The Service Industry
This approach just keeps it basic. Everyone talks about how high the unemployment rate is but that doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs to be had... Read more
Temp Agencies
As it turns out Hawaii 5-0 isn't such a bad way to learn about Hawaii. The show features breath-taking views across the different islands and explains tons of cultural rules regarding foreigners compared to locals... Read more
Hawaii 5-0 we are going!
Imagine an island 35 miles long and ten miles wide, no building taller than a coconut tree, no stop lights and for the most part, the speed limit is 35 miles per hour. This is Molokai, Hawaii, hidden in plain sight... Read more
Molokai, Hawaii, Hidden in Plain Sight
User Testing is a great site that was referred to me by a friend that knew I was looking for work from home income. User Testing provides easy money from anywhere.... Read more
User Testing, Easy money from anywhere.
Easy Money From Anywhere! A family of three used the link below to do the following: Turn $40.00 to $140.00 Ordered a Netspend Card, used $42.50 to load it at a cash checking store... Read more
Seriously Easy Money!
A simple website that has the potential to create a good passive income. If you can make a site like mine using something you are knowledgeable in, you may be able to monetize it... Read more
A Website Idea
This company actually makes it easy to apply to “work from home positions”. Many do not pay well but there are opportunities. At the end of the day, you can’t curse the dollar you make because there may be more after it... Read more
Virtual Vocations
Do you have an Associate Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree? If you have an interest in education, consider substitute teaching, in Hawaii... Read more
Substitute Teaching
This is easy, fun and you can still have a job while you do this. Pet owners need safe places for their pets and reliable people to care for them... Read more
This one is pretty straight forward. My advice is only that you have to act quickly on a job that you wish to bid on... Read more
Let me begin by saying that if you are thinking of traveling with your travel nurse or health professional and finding work as you go, you are in for a special ride... Read more
The Chronicles of Traveling With a Travel Nurse
Extras require no talent at all, just the ability to follow directions. Of course, you can be a great extra in certain ways but at the end of the day it all boils down to doing what you are told... Read more
Extra! Extra! Read about being an extra in shows like the Blacklist! Make Money!
Here is another site that is very much like DogVacay. Become a member of both and you just may well be able to be booked regularly. Easy money and lots of fun.Read more
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Ray Caban

Traveling with a Travel Nurse

Hi, my name is Ray and I am currently yet excitedly facing the dilemma of:

“Finding a way to earn money while traveling with a travel nurse girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/companion”

In my case, when I met my girlfriend, one of the first things that I learned about her was that she intended to be a travel nurse within less than a year. Who knew that six months later we would still be together and I’d be lucky enough to be invited along on this amazing journey!

This website and blog began with my experience with finding a way to support my lifestyle while traveling as a significant other of a travel nurse on a year-long trip around the United States and has since morphed into a passionate hobby.

To learn more about me, feel free to visit the “About Me page”. My goal is to be as transparent as possible.